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Wordless Wednesday: Get Your (School) Spirit On!

August 6th, 2008 by Ajuan Mance

HBCU football season begins in less than a month. That means band practice begins even sooner. In honor of the proud tradition of historically Black college bands, Wordless Wednesday invites you to get your (school) spirit on!

Southern University drum major Louis Broadway, getting the half-time show off to a great start at the 2006 Bayou Classic.

(Source: and Associated Press. Photo by Sean Gardner)

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4 Responses

  1. SjP

    Oh Yeah! You go boy! I can almost hear the drumline!

  2. Shelia

    The southern universities know how to take it to the next level don’t they!

    My parent’s hometown is Shreveport, Louisiana, which meant a lot of Grambling every year. Talk about band practice!

  3. Keith


    I love the marching bands. Always have. But man, that hurts to even look at. Even in my younger days (once upon a time) I couldn’t get close to that…

  4. Black on Campus

    There is something so thrilling about watching the drum major of a Black college band.

    And this young man? I don’t think I have ever been that flexible. He would make a great gymnast, I’ll bet.

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