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(Almost)Wordless Wednesday: Black Pioneers on Harvard’s Faculty

July 22nd, 2009 by Ajuan Mance

All the focus this week on Harvard’s Henry Louis Gates, Jr. made me wonder about those African American men and women who paved the way for him and for other Black faculty at this, the nation’s oldest university. Below each photo you will find a link to an online biography. Happy Wordless Wednesday! Enjoy.


In 1949, after 28 years of teaching at the university, William A. Hinton (above) became the first African American to become a professor at Harvard Medical School.


In 1968, Martin L. Kilson became the first African American at Harvard to achieve the rank of full professor with tenure.


In 1975, Eileen Jackson Southern became the first African American woman at Harvard to be appointed to the rank of full professor with tenure.

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  1. Villager

    Happy WW! You continue to amaze with the flow of knowledge and information on this blog. I learned about three pioneers that I never heard about until tonight…

    I invite your blog readers to enjoy some fireman’s revenge at the expense of an arrogant BMW owner.

    peace, Villager

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