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Foolish Friday: Nebraska Set to Vote on Affirmative Action Ban

October 3rd, 2008 by Ajuan Mance

Can diversity survive off the court?


Nebraska will soon vote on a ballot initiative that would ban race-based affirmative action in the awarding of state contracts, employment and admission to Nebraska’s public colleges and universities.

The voters are apparently deadlocked over the initiative. In a state whose population is 91.8% white and whose public university system is more than 85% white, half of the voters apparently believe that their public universities and colleges are, at this point, too diverse.

Maybe if they got rid of their football team(s)…

Posted by Ajuan Mance

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  1. Mojo

    Hello. I sent some photos of a statue I thought you might find interesting to the info [at] twilightandreason address. (I sent them to that address because it was the only one I could find for you.) The history museum in Raleigh, NC has a statue out front of a man name Thomas Day, a free black man in Caswell County, NC who became quite well known apparently for his design work in Antebellum North Carolina. I was out photographing points of interest in the area when I came across the statue, and naturally thought of your blog. So I got a few shots of it and sent them to the best address I could find for you. But since you wouldn’t be expecting it, I thought I should tell you they were coming and this was the only way I could find to do that.


  2. Ajuan Mance

    Hi Mojo,

    Thanks for coming to my blog, and thanks for the photos! I’ve got to get my email address onto the blog, by the way. Thanks for the reminder that I don’t have my contact info on the blog. For future reference, it’s

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