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Amherst Students Vote to Help Boost Financial Aid

April 13th, 2009 by Ajuan Mance

Amherst students don’t just have big brains — they also have big hearts.

In a recent issue of The Tufts Daily, staff writer Alexandra Bogus reports that students at Amherst college have voted overwhelmingly to donate $70,000 from the Associated Amherst Students’ (AAS) reserve funds to help financially stressed members of the Amherst community. Of the 70 thousand dollars, $50,000 will go to student financial aid, and the remaining $20,000 will go to the staff salary pool. The $20,000 donation to staff salaries is an attempt on the part of students to help maintain the current pay level for low-paid college employees.

This most recent donation from the AAS reserve funds follows a $30,000 donation made earlier in the semester. These earlier funds will be used, “to help fund student activities that would otherwise have been cut or significantly reduced in light of the economy.”

To read the entire Tufts Daily article, click HERE.

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