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Free Troy Davis: A Call for Clemency

May 19th, 2009 by Ajuan Mance

Don’t let the Georgia justice system execute a wrongfully-convicted man. Take action in support of Troy Davis.


I am taking a step away from the usual content of this blog to participate in a Global Day of Blogging for Troy Davis. Many thanks to Sojourner’s Place for bringing this critical event to my attention.

17 years ago, Troy Davis was convicted of the first-degree murder of Georgia police officer Mark McPhail. Davis was sentenced to death. Since that time, 7 of the 9 witnesses who testified against Mr. Davis have recanted or contradicted their testimony. There was no physical evidence linking him to the crime. Several witnesses have since stated that they felt intimidated or coerced by the police into testifying against Mr. Davis.

On March 18, 2009 the Georgia Supreme court narrowly voted to deny Davis’s request for a new trial, despite strong support for a retrial from Chief Justice Leah Ward Sears. Most recently the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles denied his request for clemency.

Please note that while sufficient evidence exists to support clemency (and I strongly believe that Davis deserves clemency), Troy Davis has simply asked for a retrial in light of new evidence supporting his innocence.

Time is running out for Troy Davis. The State of Georgia wants to schedule a fourth execution date. Today I am posting as part of a Global Day of action on Mr. Davis’s behalf. In the name of justice, please click on the following link, and follow one of the suggestions listed:

Amnesty International Online Action Center for Troy Davis

For more information and coverage:

Court Rebuffs Georgian on Death Row

Decision Day Near in Troy Davis Case

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  1. SjP

    Much obliged for participating in this important call to action. I hope you will accept a token of my appreciation left at the old SjP’s for you.

    Just learned that MSM is being denied access to Troy.