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Wordless Thursday: Spelman College Graduates, 1892

May 27th, 2010 by Ajuan Mance


Spelman College graduates, academic program, 1892.

(Source: Make It Yourself: Home, Sewing, Gender, and Culture, by Sarah A. Gordon)

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2 Responses

  1. KingPrez

    Natural Beauty…..And Brains To Boot!!!

  2. Selia1

    Spelman college is good academically and that is where it stops.The financial Aid packages they offer are a joke.Students parents take out big private loans to fund their child’s education.They receive their payment from the Government in a timely matter,although our country is bankrupt-and instead of refunding the student’s credit balances that is sitting there earning them interest they sit on top of it for weeks before returning their money to them.I have checked with every white big college in Georgia their students receive their payments within days of the schools receiving their government loan payments.Atlanta is a corrupt city even at Spelman college.These are poor students give them their money.Incompetent crooks! I will be checking with the Federal loan programs about Spelman,s practice.